WERK Ltd rund a joiner's workshop in Kaposvár in the premises owned
by the family.

The main activitis are manufacturingof building and cabinet maker's product,

  1. Wooden doors and windows
  2. Custom-designed wooden furniture
           they are made mainly of pinewood, and upon request of oak-wood,
           cherry-wood, walnut wood and alder wood; and
           of wood sheet (decorated with upper shaping)

The above activitiescan be carried out by using the equipment available for
us, as follows:

  1. Wood drying equipment of American system; 10 m3 capacity
  2. Woodworking machines of high capacity
  3. Belgian sheet-cutting machine
  4. Painting box withventilation for wood surface treatments (lacquer, plastic coating and paint)

Staff: There ara fifteen joiners employed now; upon request the stuff number can be increased up to fifty. Custom-
designed product are made on the basis of individual plans obtained from the costumers.
Previous quotation is always provided.
Our products are made of solid wood and mainly manually. Quotation for custom-designed
pieces is provided free of charge.

If we have aroused your interest we are ready to introduce you the workshop, the products and
some reference works.

Some examples of our references:

1.  Táncsics Mihály Secondary School in Kaposvár (a historic building)
     - manufacturing and installing of external doors and windows
     - Renovation and replace of internal doors and windows
     - Cover made of oak-wood

2.  Apartment No 33 in living house in Kaposvár, Ady Endre Street 12-14.
     - Installing of internal doors and windows
       (made of wood sheet, with plastic coating)

3.  Building in Kaposvár, Kontrássy Street 1.
     - Manufacturing and installing of internal doors and windows (made of natural wood)

4.  "Investment" Constuction Office in Kaposvár, Kontrássy Street 1.
     - Interior decoration on 350 m 2 area, custom-designed doors and windows and furniture by single designs.

5.  Music School in Pápa, Korona Street 27-29. (historic building)

6.  Central Office of Hungária Insurance Co in Budapest, Nagysándor József Street (historic building)

7.  Training restaurant and hotel in Kaposvár, Teleki Street

8.  Privat houses, joint's work in interior and exterior

9.  Doors and windows; furniture made of wood and wood sheets in apartment houses and offices

10. Oak bed and stove frame in a country house of the 16th century in England

János Dévényi

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